About COME

The Centre for Open and Multimedia Education is a unit of the University of Warsaw, which - since its establishment in 1999 - has been supporting the academic didactics. Our main duty is to popularize new technologies in the university education, including e-learning. We use technology in order to make a constant  improvement in the quality of teaching at our university and make the access to its didactic offer easily available to students.

We provide, develop and maintain a university eductional e-learning platform open to the whole academic community: students and doctoral students, academic teachers and administrative staff. The general university online classes, foreign language e-courses and trainings for the freshmen are only a part of the resources we provide.

We also organize and run trainings for the university teachers. The trainings deal with the application of e-learning methods in every day academic work. They cover not only the technical side of using the platform as a tool, but also methodological guidelines connected with designing and conducting e-courses.

We eagerly participate in the development of modern forms of teaching at the University of Warsaw. We cooperate with the academic teachers, who prepare their e-lectures and e-classes with the support of the Teaching Innovation Fund (FID) - our multimedia  recording studio helps them create involving materials of high educational quality.

We are also involved in the cooperation with the other educational institutions responsible for similar activities in Poland and abroad. From the early start, we have been running and supporting e-learning projects financed by the government budget and the European Union Funds (research, courses, trainings, post-graduate studies).