Our task is to popularize the application of modern technologies at the University of Warsaw, including e-learning. We provide, develop and maintain a university educational e-learning platform, open to the entire academic community: regular students and doctoral students, academic teachers and administrative staff.

We kindly invite academic teachers of all UW faculties and departments to make use of our experience as we offer:

  • help in creating and running online courses on our e-learning platform (either fully realized via the Internet or run the blended way)
  • online support for stationary classes (embedding materials for students on our educational platform, submitting achievement tasks, online tests)
  • trainings for academic teachers preparing them for e-course design and administration
  • making of videos, recordings, animations, presentations, webpages in our multimedia recording studio
  • cooperation in course design within the frames of the Teaching Innovation Fund (FID)
  • cooperation in creating and running e-learning educational projects, research, courses, trainings, post-graduate studies
  • e-learning tools used for administrative purposes on the e-learning platform

Academic teachers, who have been cooperating with us, emphasize the following advantages of using the e-learning platform and other modern ICT tools:

  • students study more systematically and the verification of the learning outcomes is more feasible (e.g. it is possible to have instant and ongoing check of students’ preparation for classes - in the form of online short tests)
  • students get neat, fast, and easy access to online materials, with no need to sign in external webpages and with an e-teacher’s control over who and when is given access to them
  • it is possible to run one common e-course for all students of a chosen year of studies
  • it is easy to be in contact and communicate with numerous and scattered groups of students 
  • it is possible to focus on individual student development and balance the level of advancement within a single group
  • the teaching process is enriched by interactive, well-designed and attractive features

Below is a selection of COME’s most important activities connected with the didactics at the University of Warsaw. We encourage you to get acquainted with the report on COME’s activities.

IBIZA (Interdisciplinary Database of Academic E-courses): a selection of online courses enabling students to participate in general university courses

IBIZA e-courses, tailored by academic teachers of almost all UW faculties introduce students to a variety of scientific disciplines. The courses enhance interdisciplinary education and prepare students to understand the concepts and core issues of the subject, no matter what faculty they study at. They are available to all UW doctoral students and regular students. The classes are held fully online, with the in-class certification. The general university courses within IBIZA are equivalent to stationary general university courses run in the classrooms.

Our task is to coordinate classes and provide e-teachers and students methodological and technical support.

Language E-courses (E-lektoraty) for UW students

On our platform, students are offered language e-courses in the following languages: English (levels B1-C1), German, Russian, French, Czech, Croatian. They are organized the blended way (partly in class, partly online) or fully online. In both cases, the certification takes place traditionally in the classroom.

Language e-courses are run in cooperation with the biggest language teaching providers at UW (SzJO – The Centre for Foreign Language Teaching and CKNJOiEE – The Centre for Foreign Language Teacher Training and European Education) and with the Institute of Western and Southern Slavic Studies.

Placement Tests in 6 foreign languages

There are 6 foreign language placement tests offered on our e-learning platform, in: English, German, Russian, French, Italian and Spanish. Their results migrate to the USOS system. In 2015, a placement test in Polish as a foreign language was launched. The tests are run in cooperation with the Rector's Deputy for Bologna Process and Organization of Language Provision Office.

Interactive Mock Foreign Language Tests preparing students for the certification exam 

On our platform, students have an opportunity to get acquainted with interactive mock foreign language tests in the following languages: English, German, Russian, French, Italian and Spanish. They allow students to find out about their probable certification exam result. 

The interactive tests have been brought to life in cooperation with the UW Coordination Board for Language Proficiency Certification and the Centre for Foreign Language Teaching.

Remedial Foreign Language E-courses in 14 languages

The remedial language e-courses are offered to students who need to revise their knowledge because of their inefficiencies in obtaining positive exam results. These courses are run in cooperation with the Centre for Foreign Language Teaching, with the Institute of Western and Southern Slavic Studies, the School of Eastern Languages under the auspices of the Rector's Deputy for Bologna Process and Organization of Language Provision.

Foundation Year Programme for foreign students’ preparing to study at UW

The project is aimed at foreigners who wish to start their studies at UW. The classes within the Foundation Year Programme cover both the language path and the social path (the city and the university). It is the initiative of the Centre for Foreign Language Teaching and the UW International Relations Office in cooperation with COME UW (the e-module concept, preparation of interactive teaching materials, design of graphical identification, training of e-teachers/e-tutors, technical support, helpdesk).

Freshmen Instructional E-courses

For the new UW students self-study e-trainings have been prepared: Occupational Safety and Care, Library Training, and Student’s Tutorial on the use of our e-learning platform.

The training courses have been prepared in cooperation with UW Occupational Safety and Care Inspectorate and the University of Warsaw Library.

Faculty E-courses

Academic teachers are welcome to make use of our e-learning platform to conduct e-courses or back up their traditional classes with online materials. We help e-teachers to create file repositories, design teaching materials to be embedded on the e-learning platform, prepare interactive tasks, tests, recordings.

E-portfolio in the PEU/RPL admission for UW

The E-portfolio is a system supporting the process of recognition of prior learning within the admission procedure at UW (PEU/RPL) – it allows for the collection of data dealing with the educational process calling for reflection over one’s development (educational, professional, personal). The E-portfolio is being developed and introduced in cooperation with the Office for Quality of Education and Rector’s Plenipotentiary for Quality of Education.

Post-graduate studies

More and more UW faculties incorporate the e-learning elements into their post-graduate studies offer. We provide our e-learning platform, offer trainings for teachers, help in didactic materials design for e-courses. The studies we have supported in these ways are e.g. “The School of Education”, “The Polish Language and Translation”, “Cognitive Skills Trainer”, “Executive Master of Business Administration”, “Post-graduate Philosophical Studies”, “Business Law and Business Development of China”.

Trainings for UW administrative staff

We help organize the central trainings for UW administrative staff by designing and providing the enrolment form and the space for communication between potential participants and the trainings coordinator. Our platform is also used for the online training course “Effective communication in English at workplace – A1 level”.