Fundusz Innowacji Dydaktycznych (FID)

Every year, the Teaching Innovation Fund (FID) supports the most interesting projects which enrich the educational and literary output of the University of Warsaw. Within its mission, COME UW supports free of charge bringing some of these projects to life. It provides virtual space for courses on a university educational platform, helps teachers to design their online courses applying the proper methodology, as well as prepares multimedia materials (audio and video file, animations, presentations). We welcome any initiatives which make use of modern technologies in university education.
You will find more information on COME UW’s engagement in the FID projects in the articles below.

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COME UW in the Teaching Innovation Fund (FID)

Didactic innovations in e-learning at the University of Warsaw

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FID projects we have participated in:

"Intellectual Property Protection in Student Life – E-learning course" –  an introductory e-course for foreign students studying at UW. This course consists of 10 thematic chapters covering the topics like copyright law, plagiarism, brands and trademarks and contains numerous multimedia elements in the form of animated presentations accompanied by the voice-over, tutorials and tests. The course has been prepared by the Institute of Political Science in the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science. COME UW has prepared multimedia versions of the presentations,  made videos and recorded the voice-over.

 "E-book: Polish as a foreign language with interactive exercises" – an e-book at A1 level, targeted at students from abroad. The e-book’s modules will be supplemented with interactive exercises on an educational platform, serving as an integral part of the work with the e- book. The idea behind the e-book is not only to shape its innovative form, but also to provide students with an adventurous plot illustrating the students’ life and studying on the university campus, which in turn will tune the course participants into the local culture, help identify themselves with the characters in the story and engage them emotionally in their studies. The e-book has been prepared in cooperation with the Centre of Polish Language and Culture for foreigners POLONICUM. COME UW has contributed to the making of the e-book electronic version, recordings and editing.

"Educational videos for learning Polish as a foreign language" – the "Polish with Ania" YouTube channel dedicated to foreign students, in which the secrets of the Polish language can be explored, not only by foreigners but by the language enthusiasts as well. Thanks to the University of Warsaw’s project "Educational videos for learning Polish as a foreign language", a series of 10-minute films was created, with weekly release on YouTube. COME UW was engaged in the making of recordings and editing. The author of the project is the Centre of Polish Language and Culture for foreigners POLONICUM, UW.