• The COME UW platform and USOS integration

    Thanks to the integration, you can
    • log into the platform with your PESEL account
    • import users registered in USOS to the platform
    • export grades from the platform directly to USOS

  • Languages on the COME UW platform

    • online language courses
    • online language placement tests
    • online language remedial courses
    • online mock certification exams

  • Faculty and general university e-courses

    Every semester a wide range of e-lectures is launched
    in various fields for students and PhD students of the UW.



A new logo of the unit

Welcome to CKC UW!

Posted on 2018-09-14

A long time planned initiative has finally been launched! Thus, we officially inform...

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Logo of the BRP project

"Closer to the Labour Market" project: on-line directory and a mobile app "Power Simulator" already available for pupils

Posted on 2019-03-06

The recruitment proccess for the upper-secondary schools will start soon. This year it will...

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Logo of the project

"ABC rapid development learning design method" workshop - a brief summary

Posted on 2019-02-14

Twenty four participants of academic staff and doctoral students of the University of Warsaw...

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COME in 2016

  • Over
    12 100 00
    platform visits

  • Over
    30 000
    active users

  • 500

  • 121
    academic teachers trained
    in e-classes management

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