Training for the constructors of tasks to a written exam in vocational education


The project was carried out from April 2008 to March 2009


CKE (Central Examination Board) commissioned COME to carry out a project on organizing and conducting the training for 600 constructors of tasks for the written examination for all professions defined in the classification of vocational education. The training covered 120 hours and included both traditional and online classes in a ratio of 1:1.

The course was financed by the CKE and the European Social Fund within the project "Piloting a new formula for the vocational examination" (Human Capital Operational Programme, Priority III - High quality of the education systems, Measure 3.2 - Development of the external exams system). The course was free of charge for participants.


The course was addressed to professionally active teachers and academics, employers' representatives, employees of research institutions - specialists in different professions, who were interested in gaining skills on exam task construction and cooperation with the institutions offering external examinations.


The aim of the course was to provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to build tasks and tests in the written examination confirming vocational qualifications.

The course included the following issues:

  1. Assessment in education:
    • psychological aspects of assessment
    • basics of the surveying theory
    • basics of copyrights
  2. Psychological workshops, linguistic communication:
    • psychological workshops
    • linguistic communication with elements of logic
  3. Task construction and improvement
    • standards for examination
    • creation of the exam tasks
    • organization of testing
    • tasks' qualitative and quantitative analysis
  4. Analysis of test results
    • descriptive statistics
    • correlation of test results
  5. The use of computer technology (ICT)
    • using the Internet
    • e-learning - the Moodle platform
    • text editing, tasks' graphic design