The development of the didactic programs for distance education at the higher education level - ICT


The project was carried out from May 2006 to August 2006.


The project was prepared for the needs of Ministry of National Education. Its aim was to design didactic programs and digital materials, including multimedia, for the ICT studies, referring to both technical and non-technical aspects.

Among the partners in the project there were leading Polish universities in ICT education and research in the field of computer science: the Warsaw of University, the Jagiellonian University, Warsaw University of Technology and the University of Technology in PoznaƄ. The project was coordinated by COME. A model and computer training programs were worked out, which to a great extent were uniform for the technical and non-technical studies. Educational programs fully met the standards of the computer science teaching, which came into being in 2007. The unified programs allowed for the exchange of students and teachers between universities, which significantly influenced the increase in the attractiveness of studying at partner universities, as well as the quality of education.

All the educational programs were structured on the basis of 60 subjects for which there were digital didactic materials developed, including multimedia. Each of the partner university prepared materials for 15 subjects. They were divided between the universities consider in their competencies and experience in research and teaching. Such a solution guaranteed high quality of the prepared materials. All the didactic materials were gathered on one Wiki platform, which allowed for further improvement of the ready-made materials and placing new ones. The platform available for all partner universities also allowed for the standardization of the educational content and  terminology in different subjects.

The project was open to the academic community. The results of the project, programs and didactic materials were available for the universities free of charge. The results of the projects were the basis for distance studies on computer science at the partner universities.