COME UW in the Teaching Innovation Fund (FID)

Every year, the Teaching Innovation Fund (FID) supports the most interesting projects which enrich the educational and literary output of the University of Warsaw. In the XIIth edition of the FID competition, 27 projects received almost 1,2 mln zł. Within its mission, COME UW supports free of charge bringing some of these projects to life. In 2016 COME UW is going to cooperate with the Centre of Polish Language and Culture for foreigners POLONICUM in the “E-book: Polish as a foreign language with interactive exercises” project and with the Faculty of the Polish Language in the “Multimedia course in Polish literature of the XIX century for foreigners” project.

The Teaching Innovation Fund was established in 2004. So far it has supported ca. 150 projects. The basic criterion of the competition – in accordance with the Fund’s name – is for a project to show innovation and creativity. It may be evaluated in relation to the content e.g. new, not offered previously content inclusion into a university subject or to the form and teaching tools,with e-learning included. Thanks to the FID’s support, the university units may develop new and attractive curricula of studies, introduce new lab practices and workshops, e-learning classes and foreign language seminars, as well as equip laboratories and create new teaching tools. COME UW, as a unit which specializes in introducing and supporting innovative forms of teaching and learning, takes active part in the FID project activities.

The first e-learning projects supported by FID were started in 2007, and their outcomes in the form of general university e-courses are available on the KAMPUS educational platform, to mention just a few first issued ones like: a general university course “Polish – the correct way”, a Chemistry Faculty blended learning course “Liquid Chromatography”, and a popular e-course “Law and language” created by the Faculty of the Polish Language and the Faculty of Law and Administration.

The newest didactic innovations (brought to life during the XIth edition of the FID competition) include: an “E-placement test in Polish for foreign students” (cooperation with the Centre of Polish Language and Culture for foreigners POLONICUM) and „Intellectual Property Protection in Student Life – E-learning course”, an introductory course for foreign students, which contains animated presentations accompanied by a spoken commentary, also prepared by COME UW in cooperation with the Institute of Political Science at the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science.

FID’s financial support not only makes the UW didactic offer attractive but it also enchances the integration of the university staff and students and better use of skills, knowledge and experience of the academic teachers.

You will find more information on COME UW’s engagement in the FID projects in the next report.

Now, feel invited to get in touch with us and undertake cooperation as we are eager to support university units in the preparation of the projects covering the application of modern technologies in didactics, both at the stage of the preparation of the application to FID and at the later stages of its implementation.