The launch of e-courses

We invite UW academic teachers to launch e-courses on our e-learning platform. They can use it:

  • to conduct e-classes either fully online or the blended way (partly online and partly in the classroom in any proportions)
  • obtaining online support for traditional classes (embedding materials for students, submitting achievement tasks, testing)
  • for communication and/or administrative purposes (notices for students, discussion forums, voting)

Our platform is interlinked with the USOS system thanks to which neither students nor teachers need to create new user accounts to log in. It is enough to use your PESEL (ID) number and the USOS password. It is possible to upload the lists of students registered for classes in USOS, to export grades or to manage student groups in a simple way.

We maintain and constantly develop our platform so as to provide academic teachers with an updated, stabile and safe tool which efficiently supports teaching and learning. The centralization of our platform enables complex technical assistance and maintenance of e-learning exploited in all UW faculties.

We also offer:

  • help in the making of videos, recordings, animations, presentations, websites in our multimedia recording studio
  • cooperation in course design within the frames of the Teaching Innovation Fund (FID)
  • cooperation in creating and running e-learning educational projects, research, courses, trainings, post-graduate studies

A reminder: in order to conduct e-courses at UW, academic teachers are obliged to take part in The basics of E-learning training.

The e-course request form