Post-graduate studies "Business Law & Business Development of China"

“Business Law & Business Development of China” are extramural post-graduate studies run in two languages. They focus on basic topics like law, trade, investment, business and the cooperation in these fields of the European and Chinese partners. The problem of intercultural dialogue is of importance in the studies, yet it is based on the knowledge and experience of the issues connected with the Chinese law, the characteristics of Chinese investment, and the differences between legal and economic systems of the Old Continent countries and China. A lot of attention is also paid to the practical application of the knowledge of Chinese trade and business. A key place is taken by the basic Chinese language course which provides indispensable expressions used in negotiations and cooperation with the Chinese partners.

The studies are the outcome of an international European Union grant within the Leonardo da Vinci: Innvation Transfer programme. They are supervised by the Institute of International Relations of the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies, University of Warsaw (former Faculty of Journalism and Political Science), the partners being the Vrije Universiteit Brussels, the University of Chester and the Academic Centre for European Information and Education.

COME UW has provided its e-learning platform for the studies’ online part, has also prepared multimedia didactic materials and has trained the teaching staff on the use of the platform.

The studies’ website: