The National Olympiad on Film and Social Communication

The “National Olympiad on Film and Social Communication” is the initiative for senior high school learners. Its aim is to popularize the awareness of film and social communication in its practical perspective among young people. It focuses on themes relating to Polish film heritage with respect to the development of understanding the specific features of native audio-visual art in appropriate contexts.

The contest concentrates on various aspects of social communication, mainly on affecting the viewer’s perception via word and image. In the course of the Olympiad, the participants will be mastering techniques and rules of conveying a visual and linguistic message as well as constructing clear narration. While preparing for the contest, the learners will significantly broaden their knowledge of Polish and foreign cinematography.

The Olympiad consists of three stages: the school preliminaries, the district competition and the central contest. Filmoteka Narodowa is its organizer, while COME UW is its technological partner, responsible for online test preparation at the first and second stage of the Olympiad, providing an educational e-learning platform.

The “National Olympiad on Film and Social Communication” website: