Faculty e-courses

Grafika prezentuje różne możliwości uczenia się za pośrednictwem platformy COME

Distance learning has become a common practice at the University of Warsaw. It is realized via the university educational e-learning platformmaintained and developed by COME UW. It works well both in providing access to teaching materials and conducting online interactive tasks.

Apart from general university courses and language e-courses, our platform provides room for online faculty courses which are created in response to particular needs of the chosen faculty. In 2016 there were 486 e-courses of that kind available! The academic e-teachers use them not only to provide knowledge in the form of text files and recordings, but also to examine and evaluate students’ progress through interactive tests or open assignments (e.g. files submitted online by students). These classes can be run fully online, in a blended learning form (partly in class, partly on the e-platform), or serve as support for stationary courses in the form of a repository containing class materials or home assignments.

The platform tools allow not only for test creation (multiple choice Question, multiple matching, linking tests with multimedia – audio, video, graphics), but also – which makes it convenient for the e-teacher – for automatic online evaluation. Multimedia presenting lectures or instructional films are used on the platform, and the information exchange with and within the group is carried out via forums. The groupwork can be done using Workshops or Wiki. It is possible for students to evaluate each other’s work in the form of peer-review. The platform tools peer-review.  Due to these numerous and varied forms of activities the platform is good for teaching individual students as well as big groups of participants.

On request of the e-teachers we copy the contents and the structure of the courses with which they worked the previous semester. This enables the upgrade and enrichment of the course when it comes to adding new materials and or modifying the existing tasks for the semester to follow. We have learnt that the e-teachers who once started working on the e-learning platform, consistently continue to do so. You can find more information on online teaching here: https://come.uw.edu.pl/pl/node/308 and on how to request a course – here: https://come.uw.edu.pl/pl/node/321.

The e-teachers who are interested in online teaching with the suport of the university educational platform are obliged to undergo a training run by COME UW. We invite you to take part in a chosen training session. To enroll in a training, fill in the enrolment form: Since the popularization of the application of modern technologies in education is COME UW’s leading task, the trainings for UW academic teachers are free of charge.