An on-line user's guide on a new version of the Kampus platform

Kampus layout graphic

It is today that we invite you to have a closer look at a user's guide which accompanies the new version of the Kampus university educational e-learning platform and to find out about the latest Moodle functionalities! The guide includes a number of animated graphics and tutorials that lead you through the content in an easy way.

The most interesting novelties are:

  • tools used for preparing interactive resources directly on the platform, without the need to use external software
  • the mechanism enabling the learning outcomes to be assigned to resources and activities, which will help tracing students' progress
  • a convenient way of open tasks evaluation, making it possible for the e-teacher to insert corrections directly onto the platform
  • greater control over discussion forums contents display

The standard infromation about the platform such as: how to run the e-course, the methods of conducting, logging in, e-course formats, management of the sections, available resources and tools, tasks and activities, evaluation forms. 

If you have any queries or suggestions concerning the new platform implementation, you are welcome to contact us on: ekursy(at) If you would like to get to know more about the platform, you are invited to participate in the trainings offered by COME UW - just fill in the application form