E-learning in the academic didactic innovations

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The call for projects for the next edition of the Teaching Innovation Fund (FID) has already been announced - the deadline is October 20th, 2017. It is a good opportunity to remind everyone that COME UW freely supports, within its mission, the preparation of e-learning courses which are run at bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral studies. Consultations are available even at the initial stages of a project.

In this way, we have often supported FID initiatives, for example - the co-operation with the Centre of Polish Language and Culture for foreigners POLONICUM, which resulted in the creation of the “E-book: Polish as a foreign language with interactive exercises” at A1 level, targeted at students from abroad. 

The continuation of cooperation with POLONICUM is this year's project "Contemporary Polish Culture in a Nutshell". These are e-classes for foreigners, aimed at showing Polish culture and art in the XX and XXI centuries, divided into five mini-modules: literature, film, theater, music and visual art.

It is worth noticing that many courses, which were launched in the previous FID editions, still function successfully on the educational platform, e.g. the “E-placement test in Polish for foreign students” helping students from abroad assess their level of proficiency in the Polish language and choose the right course group. Another example is the general university e-learning course “Polish – the correct way” consisting of three parts ("Spelling and punctuation", "Grammar issues", "Practical styling and text editing") and covering basic knowledge of the correctness in Polish. 

As promoters of the use of new technologies we encourage you to undertake the innovative ideas in the context of didactics. Therefore, we invite you to co-operate with COME UW - we are ready to advise you at the project planning stage and help you prepare involving didactic materials.