"Closer to the Labour Market" project: on-line directory and a mobile app "Power Simulator" already available for pupils

Logo of the BRP project

The recruitment proccess for the upper-secondary schools will start soon. This year it will include two parallel groups of pupils of: the last grade of the middle-school and the last grade of primary school, thus the competition for a place in a dreamed-of school will be keen. This is why, today already, a new 2019/20 search engine and an on-line directory on high schools and vocational schools, delivered by the CKC UW, have been launched at the education fair of the Education Department of the Capital City of Warsaw Municipal Office in PKiN, that will last until March 9, 2019.

Another digital tool, prepared by the CKC UW, being of help to pupils is the special smartphone application, called "POWER SIMULATOR", which enables quick estimation of the total number of points obtained by the graduate from primary and middle school examinations. The calculator includes all components, such as grades on the certificate, or volunteering and participation in competitions. The result of the calculation gives an overview of the chances of qualifying for a selected school in relation to the last year's recruitment in the Electronic Recruitment System.

All digital tools have been preperad within the „Closer to the Labour Market” – The Integrated System of the Professional and Educational Guidance (ZIT WOF) project co-ofinanced by the EU. They are available at the "Closer to the labor market" educational platform in the "OPEN" area, by logging in as a guest.

More information about the project and on CKC UW enagagement is available here.